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In Limbo

So we may not be moving after all.  This is something I’m neither happy nor unhappy about.  I have been so stressed about this moving business and everything else that is happening in my life.  We are thinking of just staying where we are, we have a good deal now. We can’t have a dog though and the management are assholes, as I learned this morning. (Thank you Penny for your harsh attitude first thing in the morning.) For us to stay, Jack and I will probably renovate the kitchen. Nothing too expensive, but  enough so that we don’t have to hate living here in this apartment.  It’s just really poorly laid out with 2 refrigerators too many.  Our super is going to take out the half fridge this weekend, which will be nice and my friend is putting together a plan for the kitchen.  With jack being a carpenter, he’ll be able to build the cabinets at his shop and make this place look so much better. I wish we had done this two years ago, but we were afraid that we wouldn’t get our security deposit back. But now, after looking at so many places and seeing what other tenants have done, I know that whatever we do, will be better than it is now and our landlords will thank us later.  spaces_pic11

this came from the interior designer Kelly G’s website


This one I took from Apartment Therapy


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Still Searching

I’m extremely stressed out because I’m looking for apartments. Finishing the last few weeks of school. Working. & trying to organize my trip to Paris. I have put together a to-do list. So this is where I will begin.



  • currancy exchange app
  • a good suitcase
  • a good pair of comfortable black pointy toe flats
  • an umbrella (small, not expensive, good quality. . . preferably a bright color)
  • tylenol
  • luggage tag
  • electrical converter for hair dryer and digital camera
  • cell phone plan
  • skype
  • $50.00 (in euros)
  • colored pencil box
  • small marker box
  • glue stix
  • tape


  • sweater
  • professional outfit
  • medication
  • school I.D.
  • insurance card
  • name and address inside & out of luggage
  • ATM card, Credit card
  • important names and addresses
  • journal/sketchbook
  • pencil sharpener
  • black waterproof ink pen
  • Laptop & Case


  • extra passport photo
  • medication
  • insurance card
  • inform credit and banks that I’m traveling (Bank Manager)
  • bank’s 1-800 number
  • important list of personal addresses and numbers
  • find places I want to go to
  • art supplies

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Today we went on the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour to get inspired by both the artwork and the apartments that we artists lived and worked in. The first place was beautiful and the best apartment, but I wasn’t able to get any photographs of her place.





After the TOAST, we walked around SOHO and enjoyed the 90 degree April Day. Check out these minnie Cupcakes!


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While in Paris

I will be shopping at Flea Markets galore. Well, hopefully.  If I do, I hope to buy some storage bins similar to these. I love that they’re in French.


Hmm love this entrance way by the way:


You can thank The Selby for this lovely images.

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Speaking of Earth week!

I’ve noticed that Bravo’s been playing episodes of Project Runway that are based around innovation and recycling of materials. I thought that was nice, but if they’re going in the same direction with the Shear Genius episodes my question is: How do the dogs getting haircuts relate? I thought that was kind of amusing, however I did miss the beginning so they may have had to use natural products.


I spent my entire work day shredding papers!  I used 4 giant garbage bags of shredded paper. Thank god my job recycles though.

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Let Down


We went to look at the apartment today. Of course the broker never called to tell me that the place was taken yesterday.  Thanks asshole. So then he tried to lead us on a wild goose chase to look at some other apartments. We told him at least 5 times that we will not go over $1700.00, but he wouldn’t listen. Then for the apartment we finally agreed to look at, he didn’t even have the keys to. Take into consideration that its was cold and down pouring at this time. I was so annoyed. Seriously, do you job.

I also wrote my management company a letter about possibly negotiating our lease renewal. I hate this feeling of being in limbo. I have so much more to finish in this apartment, but I don’t want to do anymore work if we do end up moving.  I really wish I was out of school and working. We could have totally afforded that apartment from yesterday.

Otherwise, I had a nice relaxing day of researching for a paper.  I haven’t decided completely on the topic but it will be about how European Decorative Arts have been greatly influenced by Eastern Asian Art. Not really exciting, but I do find it interesting how many european design periods really aren’t completely european after all.  Such as Chinoiserie.



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The search continues

We looked at apartments today and we found a wonderful one that we couldn’t afford. It was 1995.00 a month, really big 1 bedroom, with a backyard!!!! Oh how I dream of a garden! But still it was out of our price range.  We accidentally looked at it because we responded to another ad for an open house in that building that had a one bedroom for 1750, which ended up not being what we wanted. Boohoo. We’re looking at a  place tomorrow for 1650.00 with a backyard. We’ll see how that turns out. fingers crossed!


I understand this space looks shabby, but its the great amounts of potential that excites me.

picture-11 picture-2 picture-3

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