Let Down


We went to look at the apartment today. Of course the broker never called to tell me that the place was taken yesterday.  Thanks asshole. So then he tried to lead us on a wild goose chase to look at some other apartments. We told him at least 5 times that we will not go over $1700.00, but he wouldn’t listen. Then for the apartment we finally agreed to look at, he didn’t even have the keys to. Take into consideration that its was cold and down pouring at this time. I was so annoyed. Seriously, do you job.

I also wrote my management company a letter about possibly negotiating our lease renewal. I hate this feeling of being in limbo. I have so much more to finish in this apartment, but I don’t want to do anymore work if we do end up moving.  I really wish I was out of school and working. We could have totally afforded that apartment from yesterday.

Otherwise, I had a nice relaxing day of researching for a paper.  I haven’t decided completely on the topic but it will be about how European Decorative Arts have been greatly influenced by Eastern Asian Art. Not really exciting, but I do find it interesting how many european design periods really aren’t completely european after all.  Such as Chinoiserie.




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2 responses to “Let Down

  1. This is gorgeous honey! I can’t wait to read more about your search for an apartment and especially your time in Paris!

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