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Day 4: Museum of Decorative Arts and The Louvre

Yesterday we visited the Louvre. It is gigantic and I am prepared to return on Sunday to check it out again. when we went we only visited the usual touristy paintings because we new that on Sunday things like Mona Lisa and Winged Victory would be a mob scene.  I find it almost depressing how the Mona Lisa is so revered and placed on such a high pedistool (or behind a thick sheet of bullet proof glass and baracaded off about 15 ft from people).  I definitely think it deserves recognition, but most of the people who go to take a photograph of the painting (when they could just google a better image) do it without any understanding as to why they find it so important.


This picture shows the scale of Mona Lisa and the bullet proof glass that she is behind.

We also visited the Decorative Arts Museum that is apart of the Louvre.  There was is an exhibition going on about the color red in design and art.  There overall concept relates to the difference between the two tones of Rouge within artwork.  Depending on the tone, red can represent royalty or prostitution. The only way to really tell the difference is understand that royalty is closer to the color of blood with an almost brown, warm undertone and the dangerous red would have a blueish undertone.  Such as Mae West’s famous red lips.


Chair of Mae West lips.


This is a super cute little kid that was wearing a shirt that said “Boys don’t cry” aww.


perfume bottles


old books


glowing baby lamps


homeless man with puppies. I wanted to take them.


being ugly americans outside of the Louvre


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Day 2: Museum of Modern Art and the Marine Museum

I have arrived and have been jet lagged and visited:
The Eiffel Tower
The Museum of Modern Art and The Marine Museum (Muse de la Marine-Palais de Chailot for the exhibition ‘Les Marine Font la Mode’ (sailor chic in Paris)
The Museum of Modern Art
Le YSL Foundation

So far it is been really fun and tiring and inspirational to say the least. I have taken so many photos.

n9009288_40299669_4580836 n9009288_40299673_4109375 n9009288_40299677_7930191 n9009288_40299679_4593545 n9009288_40299686_3406664 P1050441





To be continued . . . .

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I’ve been very busy as I have been packing and repacking trying to make the most of a small yet bountiful wardrobe for Paris.  Yesterday I stopped into The Container Store and lucky me they were having a travel promotion. I sat in on a “2 min” demo and won a $25.00 gift card! Of course I ended up spending $60.00 but I bought the travel sized Space Bags which are awesome and “No-leak” bottles for my shampoo & Conditioner.  Unfortunately though, even with the space bags I don’t have enough room for what I was planning to take with me. Now I have to downsize and thats always the  worst part.  Along with the usual clothes and cameras I have to bring my computer and sketching supplies to record my research artistically.

Today was my last day at work for over a month and my lovely boss gave me a going away gift!  It’s a perfect size journal to record my travels. I would say it fits right in with the theme as well. I hope the weather is as nice as that picture is. I looked at the weather today and its like 60 degrees and raining right now. I really hope it doesn’t rain too much. I have all these sun dresses that I want to wear.


I’m pretty excited about trying out yoga while I’m in Paris, my studio has a sister company in Paris that I’m going to check out. I’m sure if I go I won’t have a clue as to what they’ll be saying the whole time. I can just imagine myself being 3 seconds behind everyone else and looking like a total american idiot.  Okay enough word vomit.  Hopefully, the next time I write it will be something a little more interesting.

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busy bee

I leave for France on Monday. My plans are set to go to Lille and Alsace to visit my family while I’m there, which is really exciting. I’ve been so busy with preparing for my trip and painting and designing for my new apartment! I painted the bedroom a light frenchy-grey blue called white rain. I think the living room will be painted french créme so that I can carry it through to the kitchen.  I am a little confused about what to do with the blinds. I really want to have bamboo roman shades in the living room and bedroom.  I’m not sure what is more important though. . . Having them be lined and only able to fit the exact length of the insides of the windows. Or to hang them at ceiling height, but they will not be lined (because the size I need is not available in the lined version). I think the only room that I will include a set of curtains will be in the bedroom.  Which I am definitely planning to hang from the ceiling.  Our new place only has 8 foot ceilings so I want to create the illusion of taller ceilings. My boyfriend will be putting molding up (thank god!)  This will be the first apartment where we’ll actually make the effort to put up molding, and I know it will look so much nicer!  He’s also going to build a shelving unit in the living room that will hold a ton of books and the fish tank!  I have included the proposed layout of the apartment and a proposed drawing of the wall unit. They’re not done in fancy Vectorworks, because my student trial has expired.

scaled layout copyscaled layout (couch)

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Happy Birthday Fiji


The most beautiful horse in the world turns 18 today. I can’t believe it!

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Its Thursday.

I just finished my second to last week of school for the year. Just one week left with six finals, which is just as exciting as it is scary. I should be writing my paper on Chinoiserie for my East Asian Art History class but I’m not, because frankly I am over school right now. I love Thursday nights because I don’t have to do ANY homework if I don’t want to.  I’ll just have to do it on Friday and Saturday and Sunday. yay!

I’m still undecided on whether I’ll be living in the same place next month, because we have put any application down on an apartment but I haven’t heard anything back yet from the management company. I really hope things go through, but I’m nervous and don’t want to get my hopes up.  Its bigger than our current apartment and has four windows!!!! And four windows that face out to the sky(!!!) or buildings that are at least 30 feet away.  In our apartment now we have three, one of which faces a wall that is 1 foot away.  This new place also allows pets and its only two blocks from the train!


A poor IPhone quality photo taken of the building!

Here are a few pictures that have been taken in the last few days. I can’t take credit for them all, (not that they’re the most beautiful photographs) but my boyfriend snapped a few while we were out and about.


Mom and daughter in Central Park


Trees with contrasting greens


Stone archway (Jack’s photograph)


tree trunk (Jack)


haha. Kate Moss and Topshop graffiti


Candid photo taken of a super skinny girl. For some reason I like the way it came out.

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