busy bee

I leave for France on Monday. My plans are set to go to Lille and Alsace to visit my family while I’m there, which is really exciting. I’ve been so busy with preparing for my trip and painting and designing for my new apartment! I painted the bedroom a light frenchy-grey blue called white rain. I think the living room will be painted french créme so that I can carry it through to the kitchen.  I am a little confused about what to do with the blinds. I really want to have bamboo roman shades in the living room and bedroom.  I’m not sure what is more important though. . . Having them be lined and only able to fit the exact length of the insides of the windows. Or to hang them at ceiling height, but they will not be lined (because the size I need is not available in the lined version). I think the only room that I will include a set of curtains will be in the bedroom.  Which I am definitely planning to hang from the ceiling.  Our new place only has 8 foot ceilings so I want to create the illusion of taller ceilings. My boyfriend will be putting molding up (thank god!)  This will be the first apartment where we’ll actually make the effort to put up molding, and I know it will look so much nicer!  He’s also going to build a shelving unit in the living room that will hold a ton of books and the fish tank!  I have included the proposed layout of the apartment and a proposed drawing of the wall unit. They’re not done in fancy Vectorworks, because my student trial has expired.

scaled layout copyscaled layout (couch)


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