Today I was searching around the internet for storage bins/boxes to put in our bookshelves.  We’re having issues with storage which is very common in NYC, but I think the biggest problem for us is organization.  We have bookshelves galore and pantries and closets etc. but I don’t have anything to put my small misc. stuff into. Right now, that stuff is just taking up space in boxes.  Its all important too of course, you know, the tape measurer, the rulers, the hot glue gun, electrical cords, extra batteries, colored pencils, oh the list could go on and on.  I hate the storage bins from Ikea, Container Store and West Elm. Mostly because they’re outrageously priced, but also because they’re ugly and cheaply made.  The only solution I guess is to build, which is what we will do.

Now that I talked about stupid boxes, I wanted to express my enjoyment of this rug I stumbled upon.  Its so great! Neutral, unique, quirky and INDOOR/OUTDOOR!  I really want one for my bedroom, it would be perfect but I’m on the fence about spending money on another rug.

le poem rug


After looking through the rugs from Ballard Designs, I must say that they have a pretty good selection, with the taste level and price point. I mean some of them are hideous. . . .  but you can’t expect them to get it right all the time.

UGLY rug



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