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Love this post from Design Sponge, Sewing 101: Curtains. It is a step by step tutorial on how to make a simple set of curtains.

I’ve always made things myself because first of all I love to make and create things, second of all its cheap! My problem though is that I’m really terrible at following a pattern or planning out the piece I’m going to make. I more or less like to wing it. But in the long run it works out!

For example: my kitchen curtains.




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My V-Day

Valentines Day was my six year anniversary of being a vegetarian. I can still remember that last time I sat down to gorge on fried chicken, buffalo chicken and chicken parmesan. I thought chicken would be the only animal that I would miss eating. Thankfully, I have plenty of meat substitutes to eat so I don’t miss chicken all.  But being vegetarian is something that is very near and dear to my heart.  I became a vegetarian for the main reason of the disaster that is our nation’s meat industry.
This photo is from my sister’s flickr page she also has a blog called: Art is the Handmaid of Human Good

There has been a lot of talk about food recently. So much so that Oprah did a show called Food 101, where she featured a few inspiring individuals who’s have made a point to better their lives as well as many others.  Her guests included the author Michael Pollan, Chipotle’s Steve Ells and the actress Alicia Silverstone.

Michael Pollan gave the viewers some simple food rules to follow (He recently wrote the book called “Food Rules”.  He says that the food on the shelves in our super market is NOT really food!  He likes to call it, “Edible Food Like Substances”  Our Western diet is what’s causing many of our food related diseases and Pollan goes into this further on this clip from and the full list of his rules are found in his book.

• Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.

• Avoid food products containing ingredients that a third grader could not pronounce

• Eat only foods that will eventually rot. Food is alive and it will die.

One great thing I took from watching the film Food Inc. is to eat as much organic and local food that you can. Also eating according to season will help you to be so much healthier. I mean thats what the French do!  Another thing I try to do is to not eat anything that comes in a plastic bag, which is actually very hard.  I have to remind myself everything I go on lunch break and begin to grab that bag of potato chips (even if they’re natural).  But anyways I’m not trying to preach or teach I just wanted to voice my opinions. I have plans to order the following books and I would encourage any reader to check them out as well:

Food Rules by: Michael Pollan

The Kind Diet by: Alicia Silverstone  (Silverstone is a vegan and here diet is very much based on the macrobiotic diet as well She calls her diet “The Kind Diet” because not only is it kind to the earth, but to your body as well. Plus it has some great recipes in the back!)

Gorgeously Green by: Sophie Uliano (This book goes much further into living a green life than just food, but there are a lot of helpful hints on eating)

Master your Metabolism by: Jillian Michaels (the biggest loser)

Lastly, I hope everyone in America and even the rest of the world will watch the film Food Inc. It is amazing and so insightful!  Its also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary.

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Design Crisis

How come whenever I have a question about what to do in my apartment I can’t find any answers?  I have to super search for what I’m looking for. This time its what to do when you have a really long, narrow room. How do you incorporate your bed? below is my apartment’s floor plan. The layout is how it was when I moved in, which for a while worked.

Last night however, I decided I hated my bedroom and needed a change.  I moved my bed against the back wall, with the window.  I’m fighting the feng shui in every way possible, but really there’s nothing else I can do. I’ve tried them all.  I checked out a few images on Apartment therapy that showed a bed in front of a window and some I liked, others I did not. I was thinking about making the curtain go all the way across, but the one image that really bugged me was the one that had those curtains.



The empty room before my bf built the wall.

This moving my bed around has also made me think about how I do live in New York and a lot of time when you live in a small space you have to just give up what you ideally would want  your place to look like and actually do what looks best for your space.

Apartment Therapy: Bed In front of window

Apartment Therapy: Bed in front of window take 2

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Finally finished sewing the roman shade in my kitchen! I had bought panel from Anthropologie because I loved the print and the colors.  Then I bought a neutral roman shade from target to use all of the hardware and viola! I created a masterpiece!

As you can see I also loved it in the other color story because that’t in my living room. At first I was afraid to use the same print in two color stories in two separate rooms, but now I’m really happy I just went for it.  Plus I have a set of summer curtains for the living room, that I haven’t had the time to sew yet.  



I really want my boyfriend to build a wall on the top of the cabinets, so that the ceiling feels taller. I think it just looks distracting as it is right now and I can’t really use that space above. Right now I have just shoved some flower vases up top because I have no other place to put them.  And I would LOVE to get rid of that nipple light. I have no idea what would work there.  I already canned one, because there were two in one room! Gross. I replaced it with a ceiling fan, I understand ceiling fans are bad, but it gets sooo hot our place during the summer and this one is really small and kind disappears because its all white and simple. I’m not in love with it, but it was the best one I could find.

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Moving right along

The living room is finally coming along. I’m now deciding on fabrics and waiting for my lovely to finish building the “fire”place/TV cabinet.  Here are a few before and after photos, its still a work in progress but for now, this is how we’re living.

This wall is where our couch sits, I do not have a before image.

This is the wall with the windows on it. Before:

This photo was taken at night, so of course the ambience does not fee right, but here is the After:

Another picture with the sunlight coming in. After:

I really want to recover that chair, so I have spent the time photoshopping different colors onto the chair.  The three colors I chose at the D&D building are silk velvet, and I picked them so that they will work in both the living room (with both kinds of curtains that I have) and the bedroom.  I think for the chair I’m going to go with one of the blues and use the tangerine color as an accent pillow.

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Blizzard of twenty-ten

Or so they say.  It is definitely beautiful outside and I did get a nice day off work, but I’m not sure if this qualifies as a blizzard yet. We’ll have to see tomorrow morning when I wake up and there is supposedly 18″ of snow on the ground.

The Guggenheim

Corner at 89th street and Park avenue


Many things are happening right now.

Working on getting a job.

Applying/thinking about applying for next year (as most of the deadlines have passed) to grad school.

Interning at the Museum of the City of New York in the exhibition department.

&  Planning a trip to Europe for graduation with my loved one this summer.

Le sigh. Its almost too much to be thinking about, I’m writing lists galore and still trying to keep up with the regular obligations of my life.

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