Finally finished sewing the roman shade in my kitchen! I had bought panel from Anthropologie because I loved the print and the colors.  Then I bought a neutral roman shade from target to use all of the hardware and viola! I created a masterpiece!

As you can see I also loved it in the other color story because that’t in my living room. At first I was afraid to use the same print in two color stories in two separate rooms, but now I’m really happy I just went for it.  Plus I have a set of summer curtains for the living room, that I haven’t had the time to sew yet.  



I really want my boyfriend to build a wall on the top of the cabinets, so that the ceiling feels taller. I think it just looks distracting as it is right now and I can’t really use that space above. Right now I have just shoved some flower vases up top because I have no other place to put them.  And I would LOVE to get rid of that nipple light. I have no idea what would work there.  I already canned one, because there were two in one room! Gross. I replaced it with a ceiling fan, I understand ceiling fans are bad, but it gets sooo hot our place during the summer and this one is really small and kind disappears because its all white and simple. I’m not in love with it, but it was the best one I could find.


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