House Exchange

I don’t think there is anyone out there reading, but I am questioning a house exchange. Has anyone ever done one? If so what are your experiences? Good/Bad? I’m planning a trip to Paris this summer and I know that it would be so much cheaper to just swap my NYC apartment for someone’s in Paris apartment. I live in a great location and I know Paris well enough to know that I’m not getting duped by someone who says they live in the “center of Paris” but really do not.

But what I’m really wondering is what kind of legal rights does one have and what do you do with your stuff? Especially clothes? I have a small closet and definitely don’t have a enough space to share with someone else. I put my place up on a site and I have gotten a few bites and some people who are very interested but I’m afraid to make the jump.  Just imagine how great it would be if it all worked out. le sigh.

This is my new favorite site: .  There are many apartments that I want to stay in,  this one in particular is within our price range and super cute!  



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4 responses to “House Exchange

  1. Hi there~
    Love the apartment here!
    I wanted to comment as I’ve done a few swaps with my NY and Miami apartments for Paris, and have always had a great experience.
    It’s a tricky process if you do it on you own because you don’t have any way to protect yourself and it’s truly a leap of faith.
    The hardest part is making sure the person is legit and even truly has an apartment (and is not just showing photos of another apartment from the internet).
    I did it a few years ago before there was Facebook, Twitter, etc. Use these tools to find out about the person, Google them, their address and get a bank statement. If possible, set up a fun that’s for the both of you in case anything goes wrong, sort of like a security deposit for both of you.
    Hope that helps, have a ball!

    • louryne

      Hi! Thanks for the information. I ended up not doing a swap but renting an apartment through Its a pretty good deal and in the heart of Marais, so I’m really excited.

      I love your blog by the way, I think we’re kindred spirits with our love of Paris and taste in interiors. Can’t wait to find out what your big project is that you’re working on, will stayed tuned!


  2. Valerie Law

    Hey Lauren,
    Your blog is wonderful!! Since turquoise in all its peaceful incarnations is my foundation color for all my decorating I loved your shots.

    Did you take all the photos of Seattle?? They were wonderful….I kept seeing the beginnings of a coffee table book! I know your dad is proud!

    My shop is opening next weekend in the carriage barn and I would love you to critique it. I have the Domino book as well (a fave forever) and I painted two of the floors in the shop in red and tranquil aqua (turquoise!) like page 125. They look amazing!

    Hope to see you soon–and your always-inspiring haircut! That salon interior was great! Made me really miss the city!
    Love this blog!

    • louryne

      Thanks Val! I’ll definitely have to visit your shop when I’m home. Plus I really want to take some inspirational photos of your home!

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