Keep Calm And Carry On

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That’s right, that’s what I should be doing now.
As I am nearing the end of my very long college engagement, I am really stressed out.  This propaganda poster seems to be well suited.  I’ve seen a lot of it lately, possibly because this world is also super stressed with the poor economy and the thousands of unemployed.  Since I have seen it so much I thought it would be nice to know a little more about the meaning behind it.  Below the history is printed and if you’re interested you can find more information from the store.
This is the original, also found on the above store.
I must say, I have especially been seeing this print around the world of interior design.  It’s almost seems a ‘must have’ in your home office.  On the other hand, that is a bit cliché.  I guess I will let you decide for yourself on that one.
Century City Office
(I really like those chairs and rug)
Photo found on: Apartment Therapy
Photo found on: Apartment Therapy
I stumbled upon this image, the decal is a little more interesting, I was even thinking it might be fun to blowup of the text and stencil it on to a wall where it would take up almost the entire wall space.
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Other prints to check out that may carry the same sort of wit but are a little more original are found on this site
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and here for this print
and this one is a personal favorite.
found here

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  1. Maida

    Nice article, like the saying (so true) and never thought about how it came about. TY for the info. Like the variety of pictures showing how others have used it… the decal is neat. I should buy it for Jason as he could use those words of wisdom!

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