“I burn for vision and inspiration, for this is life.” -Shai Hulud

I am a recent design graduate working as a visual merchandising freelancer for a high-end jewelry company.  I live on a tight budget for New York City, in a 450 sq. ft. pre-war, 4th floor, walk up with my boyfriend.  As I thrive on creativity and beauty, the majority of my free-time is spent thinking about design possibilities, which include craft projects, projects for work and decorating or redecorating my apartment.  I can not live with white walls, and even though I don’t own my apartment, I am doing everything thing that I can to make it feel like my our own.  I started this blog as a space to place much of my resources and inspiration.  I hope that my time and research can not only be brought to good use for myself, but also be useful for those who stumble upon my pages as they are searching for their own inspiration.