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Curtains: Making the best decision for your budget.

Today as I hibernate indoors away from the 90º heat and ultra humidity I am working on my curtains.  One thing about being on a budget in designing your space is having to make sacrifices on the things you want, for the things you need.  As for now, I’m spending money on having my AC blasted while saving money on paying someone to sew my curtains.  Curtains can be extremely expensive, even if you’re doing it on your own.  One thing is for sure, I could not pay for someone to sew my drapes for me, but even the cost of all the materials needed, was a bit of a surprise to me.  I know I wouldn’t want anything pre-made from the catalogues because I wouldn’t say that my style isn’t cookie cutter.  So when coming up with curtain ideas, I first thought about the basic elements that I wanted the pattern to have.  Those elements include, being classic yet relevant for today, lots of movement, colorful, and whimsical and lastly, a larger repeat.  Next I picked through tears sheets and my design library.  That led me to an old Domino article that I had saved about chintz and floral fabrics, which I loved.

I also found a tear sheet I had saved from a Brunschwig & Fils Bird and Thistle advertisement.  This fabric fit the bill perfectly, but costing over $100 per yard, I knew I couldn’t afford it at full price.

So my first choice was to wait for it to go on sale, but after a few months of not seeing it on my favorite discount websites, I had to settle for something else.  I researched several companies and fabrics, ordered lots of swatches, as you can see below.  I ended up chosing the fabric on the top left of the below montage.

It’s from Calico Corners, the name is Darjeeling, It was $19.00 p/yard.  When I ordered it from the website I didn’t think I would like it, but the pattern and the colors coordinate perfectly in my livingroom.  It also has the closest resemblance to the Brunschwig fabric.  In long run, I think having to source out other options has given me a better result. It’s a good thought to take with you when shopping around in the future.  To have the best design I think you really have to do your research, and probably not jump on the first thing you like, because you may regret those purchases later.

The one concern I had in the beginning about making my curtains myself was, if I could do it or not.  To be honest it’s not hard, it just takes a lot of time and patience. I found a great post from the blog Design Sponge that was a major help in the sewing process.  If you’re interested in that post please click {here}.  I’m pretty sure I re-posted this article several months ago when I was still researching fabrics, but it doesn’t hurt to post it again!



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I love the look of these curtains. They’re bright and energetic. I also think I like the way that they are hung and for the longest time I have been trying to figure how I will hang my curtains.Country curtains has a few options and I’m try to decide which direction I’ll go.


I like the simple ball or the glass ball finials the best, just because they’re classic and can really every be tacky. But, my  biggest concern is how one of my windows is super close to the corner of the room. If put a curtain rod up with a finial, I have to take the finial off of that side.


This kind of rod which is also shown in the above pictures will allow me to pull the curtains back all the way to the wall and I don’t have to worry about loosing a finial.





This is the Brunschwig & Fils Bird and Thistle fabric that I have been obsessed with for about a year now. I love the feel it evokes, how its beautiful, elegant not stuffy and still has a young look about it. Of course myself being a poor college student cannot afford it, so I found this other fabric from Calico Corners for about $20.00/yard.  The colors are perfect for my livingroom as they have the browns of my couch, the greens on my walls, and the pale aqua that I have in my bedroom. I can also use the bright blue in covers for my chairs.

Picture 8

Below is another fabric that I ordered a swatch of to test in the kitchen.

Picture 8

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