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(photo credit:  layoutsparks.com)

So I work for a company that’s well known for its little Blue Box.  Sounds exciting, right?!  Yes, it is sometimes and I love the heritage and history behind it. But yesterday, after finding out about where I worked, someone asked me if I am sick of the color turquoise.  I had to laugh because I’m actually not, I hadn’t even thought of it until they asked.  But really, isn’t the turquoise/robin’s egg/teal/blue-green/green-blue color just fantastic. I must say, it is a pretty classic color and this year its also very trendy.  Just last month the New York Times did an article entitled In A Turquoise Mood, about this beautiful color.

(photo credit: http://www.nytimes.com)

The interior designer, Ghislaine Viñas (seen here shopping for accents) said about the color, that it is “the first thing I think about when I start designing a room,” because it sets the mood. And while many people are scared of bright colors, she noted, turquoise is less intimidating — maybe because “the sky is blue and grass is green” — so she doesn’t hesitate to use it.

(photo credit: http://www.houseofturquoise.com)

The Times also didn’t forget to mention how, Pantone has named Turquoise as the color of the year, “Combining the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green, Turquoise inspires thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a comforting escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of wellbeing.” says Pantone on their website. www.Pantone.com Wow, thats pretty significant if you’d ask me, when I need to restore a sense of well being, I drink chamomile tea from my turquoise colored Fiesta mug.

(photo credit: www.macys.com)

The examiner.com also mentions the turquoise color trend of 2010.  “Turquoise is a pretty common color that has been used in interiors. We have seen turquoise paired with striking reds in a metro-Asian inspired room. What makes this blue-green so popular in 2010? It is the ultimate color that exudes rest and relaxation. This year’s colors are not so much about stimulating as they are calming. In a time where many people are struggling to make end’s meet, calmer tones will help offer some sort of peace within their space. Turquoise has been infamous in typical rest zones like bedrooms and bathrooms, however, it is branching out into common areas (i.e. kitchens and family rooms).”

(photo credit: Lauren Gries)

Turquoise also makes for a great stud on dog collars.  I saw one on this dog in Seattle and as soon as I came home was on a mission to buy one for my dog. My dog is black and the contrast of turquoise on his coat would look beautiful.  I found the collar online at muttropolis.com, I’m just waiting for the time when I can justify spending $70.00 on it.  In the mean time, he’ll just be drinking out of his $5.00 Turquoise, TJ Max dog bowl.

Other turquoise finds that I like:

Just a hint of Turquoise : anthropologie.com

and yes!

Turquoise: The Best of Blue and Green


  • Relaxation
  • Peace(ful)
  • Natural Calm
  • Clarity (transparent water)


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I’m back!

From Seattle!

This past week my boyfriend and I took a lovely vacation to sunny (yes! while we were there) Seattle!  We must have brought the sun with us because New England had the rainiest week in years.  Our visit entailed visiting all of the lovely shops that I’ve read about through blogs and eating tons of wonderful vegetarian and vegan food. I really couldn’t believe the amounts of veggie restaurants! Please see photos of our adventures below.

A typical bum or backpacker. We honestly couldn’t tell the difference.

These stones were near Pioneer Square I think.

Near Pioneer Square

This fabulous dog was hanging out in the store Baby & Co. Which by the way, had really awesome displays.

Seattle Public Library

In the Womb at the library

At Pike’s Place Market

Even though this place is very touristy, I love how it reminded me of the open markets in Paris.

Beautiful and Cheap Flowers!

The disgusting yet vibrantly colored gum wall.

Ports with the mountains in the background

Gasworks Park at night

I think my favorite neighborhood i Seattle is Ballard, it is the old port town of the city.  So quaint with great shops.  If you’re ever in the area, you should definitely check out Lucca, Souvenir, Dolce Vita, The Field House, and Blackbird and we had a great brunch at Señor Moose Café!  You can go down to the Locks to see the Salmon migrating and walk around the beautiful Botanical Gardens.

Dog treats!

This is the storefront of Souvenir, it mostly sells handmade cards and jewelry. The merchandise is so beautiful and so are the displays. The owner Curtis Steiner, makes everything himself. Great place for visual merchandising inspiration.

The Locks.

The Field House has a great concept and they do such a great job with defining their brand and customer. I love the displays and the styling, if I have the funds I would definitely buy too many good for my boyfriend from here.

I didn’t take any photos of the storefront and I can’t find any, but here is their cute little logo and signage that sits in front of the store.

Blackbird also has a great little candy shop at the corner of the block, you can read about its opening on here http://helloblackbird.blogspot.com/2009/08/second-born-blackbird-candy-shoppe.html

On our last day we made a trip out to Snoqualmie Falls.  Only 30 to 40 mins outside of the city there are mountains, waterfalls, and nature galore.


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Rainy days make me think. Maybe too much.

Wow, I never realized how hard blogging would be. Especially when you’re trying to write about something interesting and not so narcissistic. Which is what I have been working on for the past few days.  Recently, my boyfriend and I booked a trip to Seattle and while searching for interesting places to shop and things to do, I found it really hard to find what I was looking for.

These struggles caused me to be more self-critical of my own blog.  What am I?  As there are boundless shelter blogs out there, I almost find too many inspiring blogs to keep up with.  That is why I’m not going to focus on my shelter, but more on my city.  I know there are people out there are looking for the “Real” New York things to do.  I am going to embark on a series of installments that will guide us through the things that one can do . . . for fun, in New York City!  Such miscellaneous things may include: thrift store shopping, drinking coffee, walking your dog, vegetarian restaurants, grocery shopping, places for have  happy hour, museum days, furniture shopping, fabric shopping and even craft shopping.  I’m sure I’ll think of more ideas along the way, which will lead me off my path a little, but I promise it will all tie in and make sense! And of course, all the while, I will still be adding updates of my apartment’s progress, because a big part of living in NYC is making your only 500 sq. ft. work for you.  Well I hope you enjoy my perspective of New York City and thanks for stopping by!

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Back in Action!

I’m going to start doing this blog again, I hope.  I’ve been super busy with two jobs, school full time, a new little doggy (!) and of course working on my apartment. First of all I would like to present Wesley. We think he is a German Pinscher, about 18″ tall and 24 lbs. what a lovely. We found him at a shelter in Providence and couldn’t leave without him.



DSC_0428 copy


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In Limbo

So we may not be moving after all.  This is something I’m neither happy nor unhappy about.  I have been so stressed about this moving business and everything else that is happening in my life.  We are thinking of just staying where we are, we have a good deal now. We can’t have a dog though and the management are assholes, as I learned this morning. (Thank you Penny for your harsh attitude first thing in the morning.) For us to stay, Jack and I will probably renovate the kitchen. Nothing too expensive, but  enough so that we don’t have to hate living here in this apartment.  It’s just really poorly laid out with 2 refrigerators too many.  Our super is going to take out the half fridge this weekend, which will be nice and my friend is putting together a plan for the kitchen.  With jack being a carpenter, he’ll be able to build the cabinets at his shop and make this place look so much better. I wish we had done this two years ago, but we were afraid that we wouldn’t get our security deposit back. But now, after looking at so many places and seeing what other tenants have done, I know that whatever we do, will be better than it is now and our landlords will thank us later.  spaces_pic11

this came from the interior designer Kelly G’s website


This one I took from Apartment Therapy

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