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I’m a little behind, but the April/May issue of Lonny Mag is out!

It’s the green issue too! Check it out here: lonnymag.com


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Rainy days make me think. Maybe too much.

Wow, I never realized how hard blogging would be. Especially when you’re trying to write about something interesting and not so narcissistic. Which is what I have been working on for the past few days.  Recently, my boyfriend and I booked a trip to Seattle and while searching for interesting places to shop and things to do, I found it really hard to find what I was looking for.

These struggles caused me to be more self-critical of my own blog.  What am I?  As there are boundless shelter blogs out there, I almost find too many inspiring blogs to keep up with.  That is why I’m not going to focus on my shelter, but more on my city.  I know there are people out there are looking for the “Real” New York things to do.  I am going to embark on a series of installments that will guide us through the things that one can do . . . for fun, in New York City!  Such miscellaneous things may include: thrift store shopping, drinking coffee, walking your dog, vegetarian restaurants, grocery shopping, places for have  happy hour, museum days, furniture shopping, fabric shopping and even craft shopping.  I’m sure I’ll think of more ideas along the way, which will lead me off my path a little, but I promise it will all tie in and make sense! And of course, all the while, I will still be adding updates of my apartment’s progress, because a big part of living in NYC is making your only 500 sq. ft. work for you.  Well I hope you enjoy my perspective of New York City and thanks for stopping by!

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500 Days of Summer

So I watched this film yesterday and I fell in love with the set design. After a little research and picture searching, I realized that I am not alone. Apartment therapy spoke about how they used LA as a backdrop. “This is the LA that’s familiar to those of us who live here: the juxtaposition of parking lots and stately edifices; gated old buildings whose courtyards are full of prickly over-sized dusty palms and cacti; bars hidden on dark deserted steep streets and apartments up rickety staircases that remind us of those belonging to our friends”.

In fact, my boyfriend and I spent a good fifteen minutes trying to guess which city it was filmed in. I really had to rack my brain to try to figure which city would have turn of the century architecture along side of palm trees.

(photos found on googlemaps.com credits to: Sid Wazhere & Joseph Amado)

The real beauties in the film were the main characters’ apartments. Tom’s apartment had a full blackboard wall in the bedroom where for the majority of the film there was a headboard drawn behind the bed, but later changed in the LA skyline. Summer’s place was completely wallpapered in a large blue toile, that felt both quarky and fresh.

I combined a few inspiration images of Summer’s bedroom that make up what I considered the best elements of the room.

1. Antique Iron Bed frame

2. Glass French Doors

3. Toile

4. Paper Krane tree

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Love this post from Design Sponge, Sewing 101: Curtains. It is a step by step tutorial on how to make a simple set of curtains.

I’ve always made things myself because first of all I love to make and create things, second of all its cheap! My problem though is that I’m really terrible at following a pattern or planning out the piece I’m going to make. I more or less like to wing it. But in the long run it works out!

For example: my kitchen curtains.



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I love the look of these curtains. They’re bright and energetic. I also think I like the way that they are hung and for the longest time I have been trying to figure how I will hang my curtains.Country curtains has a few options and I’m try to decide which direction I’ll go.


I like the simple ball or the glass ball finials the best, just because they’re classic and can really every be tacky. But, my  biggest concern is how one of my windows is super close to the corner of the room. If put a curtain rod up with a finial, I have to take the finial off of that side.


This kind of rod which is also shown in the above pictures will allow me to pull the curtains back all the way to the wall and I don’t have to worry about loosing a finial.





This is the Brunschwig & Fils Bird and Thistle fabric that I have been obsessed with for about a year now. I love the feel it evokes, how its beautiful, elegant not stuffy and still has a young look about it. Of course myself being a poor college student cannot afford it, so I found this other fabric from Calico Corners for about $20.00/yard.  The colors are perfect for my livingroom as they have the browns of my couch, the greens on my walls, and the pale aqua that I have in my bedroom. I can also use the bright blue in covers for my chairs.

Picture 8

Below is another fabric that I ordered a swatch of to test in the kitchen.

Picture 8

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