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Paris, I miss you.

Just a few more miscellaneous photographs from my most recent trip to Paris.

Top to bottom-left to right:  Notre Dame, just after the storm – Young girl playing with a sail boat in the Luxembourg gardesn – A traditional Parisian breakfast – The Canal at Versailles – Lighting in the Jardin du Palais Royal – Place de Concorde – Mixed jars of food, location unknown – Artazart Design Bookstore – Garden in Versailles – The Canal St. Martin

All Photographs by: Lauren Gries


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Scanning the globe for inspiration

I’ve been back home for only a few days and I’ve been really restless trying to figure out what it was that I “discovered” on my trip to Paris.  Last year it was the color red being the “red thread” but this year I was really unable to put my finger on something.  Spending time in a city where the world’s best trend forecasting companies are home based is a little intimidating, because I almost feel as though it is imperative to bring something back with me.  I found a few trends popping up, the vintage military jackets, straw hats, and of course the over saturation of the striped shirts, but overall the only creative feeling that I could gather from this city is the concept of minimalism.  Not the kind that you would imagine from the 90s era of fashion or the minimalist art movement, but more of the un-satisfaction of over-consumption.  In Paris clothing and styling is more simple, store windows are more simple, the attitudes of the French are more simplified.  Maybe this is something that has always existed in the Parisian culture, but it just feels like a return to naturalism . . . but in a modern sense.  Although I can just put myself in Sofia Coppola’s film “Marie Antoinette” when she so well visualizes the return to naturalism. But of course that came about after years and years of over-consumption, hence the revolution.

Photo from film found: weddingsinparisi.com

I think this minimalistic character is what I really like about Paris.  It’s so different from New York in that matter, even in NY we’re trying to be more natural and organic but it becomes a big deal and in a way unnatural, and like everything else in American culture the idea of being natural and organic is flaunted and commercialized, making the concept ironic.  Now I know I am generalizing here in many ways, but I am to trying to explain this feeling that I get from Paris, and essentially it’s really hard to.  With that said, I think I’ll lighten up and try present a few odds and ends of trends, (design-wise) that I captured while being in Paris.

1. military jackets: I saw so many women and men wearing these jackets, from young to old, and thin to thick (even though there aren’t a lot of thick women in Paris).  The most important styling detail of these jackets, you must roll up the sleeves!  When I tried mine on, the girl at the counter insisted on it and even motioned me to roll then pushing my sleeves up.  It was funny.

Chictopia.com has a little segment on this jackets, showing where you can buy them.  However, I know that Madewell was selling them at the end of last summer, because a lot of their designers use Paris as an inspiration, and they definitely just bought a bunch of those jackets in bulk and shipped to the states to sell for hundreds. I’m thinking one should just hit up the army navy stores for a better deal.

These jackets have oddly become the ‘it’ item of Paris and the best part is that they’re really cheap.  I bought one at “The King of Frip” which was actually below the apartment we stayed in.  This store had an entire rack dedicated to these jackets, all selling for only 10 euros a piece!  Now I was silly and forgot to take a photo of the front of the store but, The King of Frip is found @ 33 Rue du Roi de Sicile • 75004 Paris, France • 01 42 78 33 72 .  I found a beautiful photograph taken by the street blogger/photographer, Yanidel.

photo found here on Yanidel’s Blog ‘Street Photography in Paris’

2. Straw hats: while all the stores in the US are selling these hats, people in the States are not wearing, in Paris however, they are in full force and those ladies look effortlessly chic as they avoid sunburns and skin cancer.  That is something my boyfriend & I had a laugh over a few times, there were so many singed and burned Americans. Please put on some sunscreen!

Thank styleinthecity.com for these photos, and um that’s Karl Lagerfeld in the background of the pic.

3. Color: I saw a slight influence of the color turquoise in design in Paris, not as big as it is in New York.

More so I noticed the color combination of yellow and white popping up in design.  The image on the left is from the Givenchy 2010 Fall collection, the image on the right is a window display for a jewelry company, and the below image from Apartmenttherapy.com, a Parisian apartment.

More to come soon. . .

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So I’m back from my trip to Paris and of course it was wonderful. Filled with lots of laughter, inspiration, adventure and of course fatigue.  I took so many photographs, I think upwards of 2,000 and probably will only keep about 1,000. That’s still a ton of pictures to go through! So I would love to post a bunch and separate them into categories, interiors, window displays, monuments, food, and of course the odd and random beautiful things one can discover that wonderful city.

Our apartment was in Le Marais, which is the an older part of town with many boutiques and thrift stores.  The culture is composed of young artists, Jewish families, gays and lesbians.  I love that neighborhood because of the cool little unique stores that you can find while wondering along the small streets.  Unfortunately our apartment was also outside of a loud restaurant/bar that was literally open everyday from 6 am to 2 am.  We weren’t the most well rested travelers, that’s for sure.  But coming from NYC, it wasn’t the worst to have a  loud apartment,  we enjoyed being in the thick of the city and being able to walk to many monuments easily.

That is what we did a lot of too, walking, walking that caused for me, 4 blisters and a swollen tendon! Of course i chose the cutest shoes I own and not the most comfortable to wear, because after all it is Paris.  I also did not want to be the token American wearing sneakers and a backpack. Believe me there’s a ton of those! We were just as good as spotting Americans as the French.

The first day we arrived I forced my boyfriend to fight the fatigue by going to get the Eiffel Tower visit out-of-the-way.  This construction is truly a beautiful creation.

Being the cheap-ies we are, we also decided to take the stairs. . . . Yeah, that was pretty stupid. Fortunately, we got a different perspective of the architecture and construction as we ascended up the tower.  Getting up there was of course a great pay off, looking of the city and getting to see all the beautiful 2nd empire architecture makes me all warm inside.  It was also to great to finally experience this place with Jack, its awesome to be with someone who has so much common interest and appreciation of art, architecture, history and the overall  beauty that Paris holds.  He’s now hooked on the city and it seems like my plans to move there  someday are becoming a little more realistic.

all photos owned and copyrights to: Lauren Gries


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Extended Absence

Tomorrow evening at this time I should be on a plane, flying to Paris with my boyfriend!  We will definitely be taking tons of photos of our endeavors that I will share when I return.  Planning to visit the flea markets with hopes of taking at least one special something home.  So far the weather forecasts are sunny and in the 70s! Let’s hope its a safe and happy vacation!

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Veggie Restaurants in Paris? Oh Yes!

photo credits: Space Kadet flickr stream Veggie Burger from Bioboa

In my short amount of research today I found a load of vegetarian restaurants, some with vegan options! I’m so excited as I’ll be in Paris in oh let’s see, less than a month from now! I seriously can not wait!!!

Here is my list so far, which includes reviews from others. So if you see opinions, those are not mine. They’re just important notes I wanted to make so that when we’re in Paris and can’t decide upon where to eat, I’ll be able to check the notes first to see what kind of mood we’ll be in that day.

1. A Toutes Vapeurs
7, rue de l’Isly
Paris, France 75008

2. Backstage Café (vegetarian options)
31 Rue de la Gaite
Metro: Gaite
• We tried a roasted eggplant goat cheese roll ups, decorated with seared leaks and a medley of tomato, carrots, and mushrooms in a vinaigrette sauce.
• The prices are reasonable – and on top of veggie dishes – there are some amazing looking cocktails
• You can get a cocktail for two called ‘Temptation’. It looks more like a lava lamp than a drink but two people can manage just about anything.
• The seating is comfortable and there’s ample separation between tables – when the weather’s good – you feel like

3. Biobao  (as seen in photograph above)
3 rue Danielle-Casanova
Paris, France 75001

4. Dietic Shop
01 43 35 39 75
11 rue Delambre, Montparnasse
Paris, France

5. Féeminithé
25, boulevard du Temple
75003 Paris
01 48 04 56 19
• Restaurant végétarien République- Gourmet vegetarian restaurant

5. Fines Herbes
+33 1 42 96 34 33
11 Marché St Honoré
Paris, France 75001
• Salad Bar

6. Green Garden
20, rue Nationale
75013 Paris
01 45 82 99 54
• Restaurant chinois végétarien à Paris- Chinese vegetarian

7. Joy in Food:
2 rue truffaut
Paris, France 75017

8. La Guérinière (vegetarian menu)
18, cours de Verdun
33470 Gujan-Mestras
05 56 66 08 78
• gormet restaurant

9. La Victoire supreme de Coeur
01 40 41 95 03
27-31 Rue du Bourg Tibourg
Paris, France 75004
• Veggie in a non-veg friendly area
• Prices are reasonable and good variety of themed food
• Service is appalling
• Seitan stuff
• Some bad reviews, some good

photo credit: www.thediscerningbrute.com

10. L’Aquarius:
40 Rue de Gergovie,
75014 Paris

11. Le Grenier de Notre Dame
01 43 29 98 29
18 Rue de la Bucherie
Paris, France 75005
• The food was pretty average. Location adorable and the atmosphere lovely, but the food itself was mediocre.
• Meat substitute stuff.
• Just around the corner from Notre Dame

photo credit: found on googlemaps.com flickr: Jon Barbour

12. Le Potager du Marais:
0033 1 42 74 24 66
22, Rue Rambuteau
Paris, France 75003
• This is good vegetarian cooking and a very friendly staff. I had seen it listed on the site: http://www.oubouffer.com
• serve meals non-stop so you can drop in at any time till 10:30 pm or 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and closed on Sundays.
Tel. 01 42 74 24 66

Let’s just say that this young man of The Discerning Brute wrote a great post about two of these vegetarian restaurants, the one listed below and 9. La Victoire supreme de Coeur.  His photographs are also very nice.

photo credit: www.thediscerningbrute.com

13. Les Cinq Saveurs d’Anada
01 43 29 58 54
72 rue du cardinal Lemoine
Paris, France 75005
• small vegetarian restaurant in Latin quarter
• suitable for vegans
• reasonable prices, small menu

14. L’Heure Bleue
01 42 39 18 07
57,rue Arthur-Rozier
Paris, France 75019

15. Maceo
01 42 97 53 85
15,rue des Petits-Champs
Paris, France 75001
• Vegetarian menu (green menu)
• Pricey-expensive- fancy

16. Saveurs Végét’Halles
41 rue des Bourdonnais
Paris, France 75001
• Veggie meats!!!
• Good reviews!

17. Supernature
12, rue de Trevise
Paris, France 75009
• Food quality average
• Far too noisy at noon.
• This place is really nice and worth visiting. This restaurant is an organic meal, rich and balanced food

18. Tien Hiang
92, rue du Chemin Vert
75011 Paris
01 43 55 83 88
• Restaurant chinois
• 1 arrondissement

19. Veggie
01 42 61 28 61
38, rue de Verneuil, Solferino, Musee d’Orsay
Paris, France

Helpful websites:

1. http://www.guides-restaurants.fr/restaurant-vegetarien-biologique.php

2. http://www.trustedopinion.com/best/vegetarian-restaurants/in/Socialist-Party,-75007-Paris,-France


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Frugal Paris

Photo Credits: Owen Franken for The New York Times

I absolutely love this NY Times article Frugal Paris written by Matt Gross, who is also the author of the blog Frugal Traveler.  It reminds me of my days in Paris last summer when we had our picnics along the Seine drinking both wine and Desperados as we watched the sun set (which wasn’t until about 10-10:30 by the way).

Photo Credits: Lauren Gries

To quote Woody Allen, “As long as you haven’t been kissed during any of those rainy Parisian afternoons, you haven’t been kissed at all.”  I guess I will finally be kissed, as my boyfriend and I will be visiting Paris at the end of May for 10 days. That is if it rains.   This will be our first European vacation together and I’m really excited to be spending the city of love with my love.

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House Exchange

I don’t think there is anyone out there reading, but I am questioning a house exchange. Has anyone ever done one? If so what are your experiences? Good/Bad? I’m planning a trip to Paris this summer and I know that it would be so much cheaper to just swap my NYC apartment for someone’s in Paris apartment. I live in a great location and I know Paris well enough to know that I’m not getting duped by someone who says they live in the “center of Paris” but really do not.

But what I’m really wondering is what kind of legal rights does one have and what do you do with your stuff? Especially clothes? I have a small closet and definitely don’t have a enough space to share with someone else. I put my place up on a site and I have gotten a few bites and some people who are very interested but I’m afraid to make the jump.  Just imagine how great it would be if it all worked out. le sigh.

This is my new favorite site: Lodgis.com .  There are many apartments that I want to stay in,  this one in particular is within our price range and super cute!  


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